Dr. Christina Duarte, DDS specializes in general family dentistry. From the very first dental visit to the special needs of caring for the teeth of aging adults, Dr. Duarte believes in communication and giving each individual member of her dental family her personal attention.
Our office also specializes in full mouth rehabilitation utilizing implant retained dentures. Please check our before and after photos under "implants." Our goal is to create teeth and dentures that enable you to eat, smile, and enjoy life without plates that come in and out. Call to schedule an appointment.
Patient Feedback:

"Great Experience, office hours for the working person. Dr. Duarte and her staff are consummate professionals."–Audrey
".....then set me on a course to incorporate the new implants, a titanium bar, and accompanying denture. Dr. Duarte and her staff put me at ease during each of my office visits. They made me feel like I was part of the office family. I would describe my office visits as both therapeutic and cathartic."–David
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Dental News
We are excited about updating to the latest technology-digital x-rays!! Little to no exposure and instant results.